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The Dude Wins


We’re a bit late to this party, thanks to our long weekend, but our main takeaways from the Golden Globes were as follows:

1) Christina Hendricks is quite comely.

2) Jeff Bridges has had this coming for quite some time.

We’re guessing the first point’s self-explanatory, so we’ll give you a little more on the second...

We'll let others sound the "great actor" horn, and he definitely deserves it—watch Last Picture Show if you don't believe us—but we'd like to take a minute to celebrate him as a plain old awesome gent. Lots of people set out to be more like De Niro or Pacino, but they're usually not very much fun at parties. Bridges, on the other hand, can really teach you something.

Wherever he is, he's happy to be there, inhabiting the moment. It’s one more reason he was perfectly suited to play a drunk country singer in Crazy Heart. He's not a planner. He understands that there’s more out there than he could ever comprehend, and plans usually don't work out in the long run. Sometimes that gets him riled, but it's never a bring-down-the-house kind of anger, and he never gets too far away from beatific. Instead, he ambles through the movies, puffing out low-key amiability, and pausing for a white Russian every now and then.

Shine on, Mr. Bridges. You've got our vote.