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The Devil’s in the Details


If you’ve leafed through the front of this month’s DETAILS, you might have seen the usual bunch-of-stuff section titled “Investment Pieces.” It’s not a bad angle—they certainly need to address economics in some way—but they don’t seem to have told their writers about it.

The result is a few safe staples mixed into the same trend-driven stock they’ve always specialized in. Luckily we're here to separate the wheat from the chaff...

Exhibit A: the tipped cardigan. We love a good cardigan these days, but we’re not so sure we’ll want as many of them in our closet a year from now, and calling it a “timeless essential” is definitely pushing it.

Exhibit B: our old friend the desert boot. We know long lead times are a pain, but if you’re selling it as an investment piece, it would be nice if the trend lasted longer than your print run.