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The Devil’s in the Details


Any time a glossy unveils their New Rules for anything, you know they’re about to get themselves in trouble. And when it’s something as commonplace as can get ugly.

DETAILS’ just debuted their New Rules of Denim and, to their credit, it stops short of being a complete embarrassment. But you can tell how hard they’re working.

The problem is, denim just isn’t that hard to wear. By now, you know whether the skinny look works for you, and beyond that, there just isn’t that much to it. So to stretch it out for six slides without repeating yourself takes some real journalistic ingenuity.

They start strong with a chambray shirt and tie, one of the few new developments and a genuinely good way to spice up a suit, but after that the seams start to show. This denim blazer is too Gap-ready to make much of a splash, and the other ideas—khaki-colored jeans, trouser-cut jeans—are the kind of pastiche that gets tossed around designers’ notebooks all the time…but usually never sees the production floor, much less the pages of a men’s mag.

Next time around, they might want to consider something a bit more complex. Anyone for tennis shoes?