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The Decline of the Cad

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Adultery isn’t what it used to be.

Consider this: in 1973, 51% of college-educated Americans believed adultery was “always wrong. As of 2010, that same number’s closer to 65%.

It’s a stark reminder that the days of Draperizing are over, and the current generation of women do not plan on putting up with your bullshit. Also, nobody seems to be honoring the International Exception these days.

At the risk of getting preachy, we see this as a good thing for the Men of America. Sexual war games make for great reality shows, but they’re not exactly a showcase for the best manhood has to offer.

For every gallivanting traveling salesman, there’s a few dozen cads who didn’t know what they were getting into. If the men of the world know they’re in for trouble, they’ll be less tempted to push their luck. And if they feel the urge that strongly, maybe a little more reluctant to monogamize themselves in the first place.

If you’re already on the dark side, take this as a warning: You’re currently facing 2:1 odds, and getting worse every year.