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The Cufflink


Our golden rule for gift-buying is to seek out items your friends want but will never buy for themselves—either out of guilt or uncertainty or plain old retail anxiety. Find the right item (possibly over here) and you’ll be solving a problem they never could have tackled on their own.

Cufflinks fit the bill perfectly. Even the most sartorially educated gentlemen feel squeamish shelling out for something they’ll only be wearing a few times a year. Add in a general anxiety about menswear items that resemble jewelry, and you’re looking at a lot of guys walking around linkless. That’s a pretty good gifting opportunity—especially since those few times a year tend to fall in the few weeks after Hanukkah. (Goys will still get them in time for New Year’s.)

Our pick so far is this Baron Wells pair, a casual take on a potentially stuffy item. They’re also rugged enough that they’ll never be mistaken for earrings—and, most importantly, pretty handsome. Just make sure they’ve got some French cuffs in their closet before you take the plunge.