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The Crewneck Sweatshirt Gets Winterized

  • Najib Benouar

For all the charms of the crewneck sweatshirt (especially over an oxford cloth button-down), it’s got a short shelf life—mere cotton is just not substantial enough to stand up to the chill of December and the deeper winter to come.

But the enterprising Canadian sweatshirt-makers at Reigning Champ and NYC’s Steven Alan have found a way around that by injecting some wool into the blend—the cloth is made in Italy, so you’re still within the #menswear boundaries, even wearing a sweatshirt. Our favorite of the bunch is this speckled navy crewneck that looks exactly how we’d imagine our heather-gray sweatshirt would look winterized—so wear it the same way you would wear the cotton one in fall or spring.

Just keep it as far from your gym bag as possible.