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The Concert Dress Code


We’re sad to hear LCD Soundsystem, our favorite disco troubadours, are calling it quits—but we couldn’t let the news settle without calling out one very crucial detail about their three-hour final show: they’re calling for a dress code.

And it’s going to be awesome.

As a condition of the show, anyone with a ticket has to be dressed in white, black or some combination of the two. (Gray seems to be, well, a gray area.) There’s no word on how it will be enforced, but our guess is the tried-and-true method of collective shaming. The plan, as we understand it, is a sea of monochromatic outfits filling Madison Square Garden—and a pretty serious happening.

We don’t know why this doesn’t happen more. Aside from great music, one of the big draws of concert-going is the sense of collectivity—all those people in the same place, hearing the same thing and being moved, as a crowd, together. It’s magic, plain and simple. Whole empires of social networking have been built on just a sliver of that feeling.

And while there are no shortcuts, having a dress code is pretty close. It’s the same principle as the formal gala—everyone knows what everyone came for, and they’re all in this together. Translating it to the hipster set takes gumption, but James Murphy's got it. (This is the man who made his band wear all-white to record their album, after all.) And barring reunions, you only retire once.

See you at the show. We’ll be wearing a tuxedo.