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The Colors of Winter


Turning antiquated staples on their head is an old game, but classics are still classics and Technicolor isn’t going anywhere…

Gloverall has been making duffle coats for more than 50 years now, meaning they were around for the post-war boom, the gradual decline and now the hipster-fueled revival. Of course, it wouldn’t be retro if there weren’t a twist, so these come in a Pantone-approved range of hues, from bright yellow to a muted aquamarine.

And, surprisingly enough, it all works. It’s tough to pull off a strongly colored coat, especially for men, but the payoff is worth it. We suggest picking up the red version and holding it for the coldest day of the year. We guarantee you’ll be the most colorful thing on the street.

(Thanks to High Snobriety for the dig.)