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The Classy Mug Shot, Circa 1924

Clockwise: Thomas Bede, suborning a witness, 1928; Hampton Hirscham, Cornellius Joseph Keevil, William Thomas O’Brien and James O’Brien, burglary, 1921; Valerie Lowe, stealing a saddle and bridle, 1922; Sydney Skukerman, fraud, 1924

Our continuing report on the well-dressed criminal continues today with a collection of mug shots from the New South Wales Police Department in Australia, taken between 1910 and 1930.

As curator Peter Doyle explains, an anonymous photographer working in Sydney’s Central Police Station took the photos of “men and women recently plucked from the street, often still animated by the dramas surrounding their apprehension.” We’re particularly fond of the passive resistance employed by Thomas Bede, left.

More photos are available here and the complete collection is now on display at the Sydney Justice & Police Museum.