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The Cautionary Tales of the Jheri Curl

  • Kempt Staff

Jheri curl

If you haven’t caught the trailer for American Hustle yet, it’s a fever dream of ’70s excess—with giant floppy collars, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams wearing a lot of fur and a very-tightly-curled-coifed Bradley Cooper. In one scene, he’s even shown donning pink rollers (possibly borrowed from Dock Ellis’s locker) to achieve the look.

That’s right, Coop gets the Jheri curl treatment. Which reminded us of that fateful hairdo and all of the misguided souls who fell victim to the allure of glossy curls in the past. Justin Timberlake, A.C. Slater, Lionel Richie, Darryl Jenks. The list goes on and on.

The moral of the story: it never ends well.

Jheri curlMichael Jackson

Jheri curlA.C. Slater (as played by Mario Lopez)

Jheri curlDarryl Jenks (as played by Eriq La Salle)

Jheri curlJustin Timberlake

Jheri curlSamuel L. Jackson

Jheri curlJamie Foxx

Jheri curlLionel Richie

Jheri curlHowie Mandel

Jheri curlDeion Sanders

Jheri curlO’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson