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The Cargo Pant Dresses Up


Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the first controversy of Fashion Week: the semi-formal cargo pant.

It comes from Ascot Chang’s recent show (courtesy of Sartorially Inclined) and we’re not quite sure how to feel about it.

The cargo pant has attracted a lot of followers lately—not least Mark McNairy and Rogues Gallery—but it’s mostly been in a rugged, day-at-the-lumber-mill mode. Move the same pocket to a more traddish milieu and it seems too daring for its own good. Or maybe just daring enough…

Our chief concern is the line of the pant—the straight shot from hip to ankle and the reason you’ve been cropping your cuffs, donning suspenders and pressing your trousers all these years. It’s one of the main elements of a handsome semi-formal outfit, and these pockets are hanging right in the middle of it. And if you actually keep something in the pocket, it’ll get even worse. Add in the fact that simply wearing a jacket gives you a minimum of four extra places to stash your cell phone, and we’re not sure we see the point.

And yet…you can't say it isn't interesting. Ascot Chang definitely knows their business, and if cargos are going to be making moves, this is a pretty good place for them to go. We’re skeptical now, but we’re just a few great lookbook pics away from calling this a win.

We’ll keep you updated.