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The Brand Eaters


Members Only, everyone’s favorite 80s scapegoat, is re-launching today under the watchful eye of Kelli Delaney, alumnus of such esteemed publications as Allure, Glamour, and that pinnacle of fashion wisdom, Us Weekly. But more interesting are the places she hasn’t worked. Not only is this Delaney’s first foray into the production side of the business, she had no connection whatsoever with the 80s incarnation of Members Only.

In other words, it’s the clothing equivalent of Tab Energy, also known as a zombie brand.

In this case, Member’s Only is being reinvented as a high-end fashion-oriented brand, with gold replacing the traditional maroon. Naturally, the clothes will be protected by an almost-impenetrable layer of kitsch.

There’s something unseemly about the entire project, and we don’t just mean the last gasp of the 80s revival. We doubt anyone had particularly fond memories of Member’s Only, and even if Delaney is just cashing in, it’s not clear exactly what she’s cashing in on. Is the marque due for a revival just because it’s been out of style for 20 years? Is it alluring just because it suggests a time other than the present?

In related news, *Transformers* is now on Blu-Ray…