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The Booze Companies Getting into Menswear

  • Kempt Staff


Lately, we’ve been noticing an interesting new trend developing: a few of our favorite tipple-makers have been teaming up with some menswear labels to handsome results.

It all started when we heard Johnnie Walker was teaming up with Harris Tweed Hebrides to make scotch-infused tweed. Then they launched a pair of Blake-stitched brogues. Then Cutty Sark commissioned a pair of minimalist leather sneakers. Then Boodles Gin unveiled a handsome new line of extra-fine merino scarves... and suddenly a new trend was born.

Let’s take a look at how these new booze-to-menswear collaborations stack up:

121714_booze-menswear-johnnie-tweed The Booze Maker: Johnnie Walker The Menswear Label: Harris Tweed Hebrides The Result: Scotch-Infused Harris Tweed

121714_booze-menswear-boodles-smedley The Booze Maker: Boodles Gin The Menswear Label: John Smedley The Result: Extra-Fine Merino Wool Scarves

121714_booze-menswear-cutty-surplus The Booze Maker: Cutty Sark The Menswear Label: Generic Surplus The Result: Black Leather High-Tops

121714_booze-menswear-johnnie-sweeney The Booze Maker: Johnnie Walker The Menswear Label: Oliver Sweeney The Result: Blake-Stitched Oxford Brogues