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The Big Show


Concert films are one of the best documents a great band can have—without it, the timeless cool of Robbie Robertson would probably have been lost to history—but for one reason or another, the last decade hasn’t produced very many good ones. Blame MTV or celeb culture or the fact that you can find video of a Radiohead gig on YouTube any time you want, but not too many acts seem interested in producing a Gimme Shelter-style time capsule.

But it looks like The National has a better idea. This Saturday, they’re playing a semi-intimate gig at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and they’ve brought along a little extra help. D. A. Pennebaker, the groundbreaking documentarian and (more importantly) the man behind Don’t Look Back will be filming the gig and streaming the whole thing live to YouTube, where it will live for a month before disappearing from the web forever. Granted, it’s a little early to be planning your Friday diversions—but this one should be worth remembering.