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The Big Fish


This is the latest installment in our heroically gruff series on Hemingway Days, examining the charms of spare prose, sport fishing and all things Ernest.

The centerpiece of Hemingway Days kicked off yesterday in the form of the Key West Marlin Tournament, with dozens of boats taking to the Gulf in search of the largest Marlins they can haul in. It’s not quite as visible as that beard competition, but for our money this is the real show. It’s as bonafide as sport fishing gets, with an $1,800 entry fee and more than $50,000 in prize money on the table.

If you doubt how much of that “sport” tag is earned, consider this: the current record-holder hauled in a Blue Marlin weighing 570 pounds. We doubt the haul will be quite as big this year, thanks to BP, but it’s still one of the more spectacular long weekends the world has to offer.