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The Big Dance


GQ held their CFDA party last night, and there was no shortage of famous faces. This snap caught GQ’s Jim Nelson, Thom Browne and Andre Benjamin in the same frame, and it offers a glimpse of things to come. Nelson’s getup shouldn’t surprise anyone with a subscription—at this point, the slim suit-and-tie are nothing short of a dress code—but Mr. Benjamin’s Bogart-level beltline is one of the few moves that genuinely surprised us. He pulls it off perfectly…but we doubt anyone watching had the courage to try it out themselves.


They won't name a winner just yet, but the nominees lined up for their respective mug shots. Aside from the occasional scarf and leather jacket, it’s more or less what you’d expect, although it seems like a sign of the time that only two are wearing straight ties.


The lines were on display thanks to a set of remarkably stoic models decked out in each designer’s goods, but you can probably guess at our favorite. Much as we love Mr. Benjamin—and Robert Geller isn’t bad either—what the scene needs now is something a bit more rustic, so we’re pulling for Rogues Gallery.