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The Best #Menswear Reads of 2013

  • Kempt Staff

1216_Reads_HED We’re closing in on another banner year for menswear journalism.

Thanks, in most part, to the Internet. Again.

And since it’s possible you missed at least one important article along the way, we’ve rounded up the best menswear reads that went up online this year. (Present company excluded, because of course you read Kempt religiously.)

So, don your finest computer reading spectacles and thinking jacket for the best #menswear reads of 2013.

In no particular order:

Esquire: “George Clooney’s Rules for Living” The New York Times: “Appropriately Inappropriate for ‘Festive Dress’”

Four Pins: “Beards and What It Means to Be Alive” Esquire: “How to Tie a Scarf Like a Pro” GQ: “10 Essentials: Richard Haines” Put This On: “What a Clown Taught Me About Dressing” The Wall Street Journal: “Producer Robert Evans’s ‘Great’ Shirt Tale” Details: “The Argument for Sock Garters” The New Yorker: “Flipping Supreme” Slate: Simon Doonan, “How I Became a Fashion Don’t”

The Wall Street Journal: “Why Does a Vicuña Jacket Cost $21,000?” A Continuous Lean: “Shopping Stockholm: Rose & Born” Die, Workwear!: “A Very Italian Check” Ivy Style: “A J. Press Tie for Dr. King” Highsnobiety: “The Irony of the Tastemaking Process” Four Pins: “The 25 Best Brands and Designers of the #Menswear Era” The Wall Street Journal: “Succumbing to the Tyranny of #Menswear” Put This On: “The Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt Series” GQ: “Dropping Knowledge: Bill Cunningham’s French Workman’s Jacket”