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The Basement Tapes


The word “effortless” gets tossed around a lot, but when you’re putting out a TV show from your basement, you’ve probably earned it. Producer/mastermind Nigel Godrich (the genius behind Radiohead's *OK Computer*) has been doing just that for most of 2007, and after a year of limbo they’re finally making it to the small screen.

Godrich started putting episodes on his website more than a year ago, but they’re finally seeing the broadcast light of day with spots on the UK’s Sky Air and our very own Rave HD channel. (No, we’ve never heard of it either.) The six episodes begin airing stateside on February 22, with Beck, the White Stripes, Jose Gonzalez, Thom Yorke, and Sonic Youth, among others.

The segments are astonishingly low-key—it’s called From the Basement for a reason—and they’re more intimate than anything you’re likely to find on the better-known channels. They’ll transport you back to a simpler time when MTV sometimes actually featured music, and it was just you and your shredded jeans, sitting in your parent’s basement. Except it’s in HD, so you can see the detailed piping on Jack White’s bolero jacket, and the only thing that’ll be shredded is his guitar.

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