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The Ballad of the Corduroy Jacket

The corduroy jacket doesn’t get much love.

It’s too low-class for the Italians, too precious for the waxed-cotton crowd, marred by years as a thrift store staple and wholly ignored by the boutique set. But even through the dark years, it never really went away.

And now it’s showing a few more signs of life.

We wouldn’t call it a trend or a revival exactly—we’re a few lookbooks shy of that point—but we’re definitely seeing a few more of them around, including this version from Engineered Garments that arrived at Context this morning.

To be honest, we’re surprised it took this long. Unlike more daring moves like the double-breasted suit, the corduroy jacket can be wedged into nearly any style. You can find the collegiate version at Shipley & Halmos, the nautical version at Oliver Spencer, or the Japanese-Twin Peaks vibe of late Engineered Garments. Once October rolls around, they’ll all be handy items to have around.

And while it’s not likely to show up on the cover of GQ any time soon, we’ll settle for seeing a few more of them on Sixth Avenue.