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The August Issues: GQ, Esquire and Details

August Issues

Every month, we thoroughly examine the contents of GQ, Details and Esquire, so you don’t have to. This month’s breakdown—starring Bryan Cranston, Porsche 911s, Aubrey Plaza, fathers-in-law, biceps, porn star names, overcoats, Jon Voight, holograms, absinthe summer cocktails and words of wisdom from Richard Simmons—is after the jump.

Behold, the month in men’s lifestyle journalism...

Page Count

GQ: 142 Esquire: 132 Details: 106


GQ: Bryan Cranston, looking especially smiley for a guy whose career-making role is a brooding cancer-riddled meth kingpin.

Esquire: Matt Damon, also smiley, though far less unexpectedly.

Details: Ryan Reynolds looking not at all amused. We’re told he’s “[getting] his swagger back,” though if weekend box offices mean anything, Deets may have jumped the gun on that one.


GQ: “The Six Shoes That Will Last a Lifetime.” Because we could all use a little stability these days.

Esquire: That actor-you’ve-seen-everywhere James Marsden gives us a look at what we’ll be wearing this fall.

Details: Trim, slim and well-tailored—three words that Deets uses to describe the perfect all-purpose overcoat for the upcoming fall. Though don’t they all mean the same thing?


GQ: Richard Simmons on exercise trends: “The best crazes keep your mind and body young, bring you peace and make you a better kisser.”

Esquire: Here’s an alternative we’ve never really considered: oral irrigation. You know, like flossing with water. Sounds cool. Hell, if the products weren’t all >$70 we might even give it a shot.

Details: Fun fact of the day: “Biceps size can indicate your political leanings, according to a Psychological Science study. Researchers found that wealthy men with bigger biceps were less likely to support the redistribution of wealth than those with more slender arms.”

Food and Drink

GQ: “The 50 Best Things to Eat Right Now” covers everything in America, from brisket tacos to cronuts, worth stuffing your face with. Now, if only they were all in one place.

Esquire: The “swizzle,” a long-forgotten summer cocktail, sounds delicious. Especially the absinthe-infused iteration.

Details: Another summer drink suggestion: The Daisy. Yeah, like we’d order that at a bar with the guys. Sure.


GQ: LA-based outfitters Singer Vehicle Design can do things to ’90–’94 Porsche 911s that make Pimp My Ride look just plain silly. Then again, that doesn’t take much.

Esquire: N/A. So instead, we present to you Ambyr Childers, their beautiful jokester of August. You’re welcome.

Ambyr Childers

Details: “Europe’s Sexiest Curves (and the Cars That Can Handle Them)” is without a doubt our favorite auto-related headline this month. Check out the expanded e-version here.


GQ: Aubrey Plaza, of Parks and Rec.


Esquire: Diane Kruger, of FX’s new drama The Bridge.


Details: Naught but a touch of Shailene Woodley, the scene-stealing 21-year-old from The Descendants.



GQ: Peter Sarsgaard and Amanda Seyfried give us their porn names, in honor of their upcoming release, Lovelace. Sarsgaard: Joey Buckingham. And Seyfried? Bad Pussy St. Cloud.

Esquire: No strong options besides something about foot fetishes. Pass.

Details: Turns out, Ryan Reynolds enjoys post-modern anus art. We’re not even kidding, it says that word-for-word.


GQ: A recommendation for Fruitvale Station, specifically Michael B. Jordan, whose performance captures “a whole generation’s story” with the charisma of a seasoned pro.

Esquire: Also on the topic of Fruitvale Station, Peter Martin takes a minute to decide whether it is too glorifying of its real-life subject matter. His conclusion: the film may have a bias, but it’s a bias worth watching.

Details: Seriously, another article on Michael B. Jordan and Fruitvale Station? This is getting out of hand.


GQ: Jeanne Laskas looks into why Joe Biden is so misunderstood. Included: this handy flowchart for 2016.

Esquire: A tidbit of advice from George Washington, by way of Jon Voight, to get you through the workweek: “When a man does all he can, though it succeed not well, blame not him that did it.”

Details: A piece entitled “The Futurists” takes a look at what some of tech’s best and brightest believe the future has in store for mankind. Among the theories is the concept of “immortality through holograms,” which we’re pretty sure already exists. (See: Tupac.)

Serious Journalism

GQ: A look into the history of Thomas Quick, a Swedish man convicted of horrible crimes, who just might not have done any of them.

Esquire: The spectacularly named tearjerker “The Father You Choose” recounts a man’s relationship with his father-in-law. A definite must-read.

Details: Um...