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The Art of the Champagne Celebration

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve said it once before, but it bears repeating: there’s nothing sweeter than the taste of victory—drenched in champagne.

And with MLB playoffs ramping up this week, we thought it wise to revisit some of the finest moments in champagne-drenched locker room celebration—as sort of a refresher course in anticipation of the effervescent-soaked revelry to come—from Willie Mays, to Reggie Jackson, to Ichiro, to Ken Forsch. So, without further ado:

A Guide to the Art of the Champagne Celebration, MLB-Style

The first splash is always the coldest. Don’t agonize over it. Ask Ichiro how cold he felt five seconds after this photo was taken and he’d respond, “It’s really not that cold, actually—pleasant even.”

Don’t be afraid to get your hair wet. (May the Forsch be with you.)

Remember to keep the bottles chilled until consumption. Then start popping champagne till it's a damn shame.

Don’t forget: champagne was originally made for drinking. Once it hits your lips. It's so good.

This is fun for all ages. Get in there. Mix it up. Strike a pose and become a human champagne fountain statue.

But act like you’ve been here before. Take a few nonchalant sips. This could be just another Wednesday evening in your limousine’s hot tub...

Then get back to going freaking batshit crazy. You’ve earned it. You’re the Incredible Hulk of champagne celebrations. Me. Need. More. Bubble-juice. NOW.

Protective eyewear is always recommended—especially if you’re going to attempt the “wet shaggy dog” maneuver.

Savor the moment—this is truly an amazing experience. We touched God this time, boys. We touched God.

And make sure to get a good team picture. In case the memories don’t last past 4am tonight—or the free agency contract deadline.