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The Appraisal: Suits with Sneakers


Some things are best left to the professionals.

Like wearing jorts. Or casual-ing up your daily suit-and-tie routine with some sneakers. Today, we discuss the latter.

A staple of haphazardly dapper rebellion long before modern menswear editors brought it to the mainstream, the suit-sneaker combo is not, in fact, a recent development. (Check out the guy on the right in this iconic image if you don’t believe us.) And when perfected, it’s a look that oozes nonchalant cool. But attempting it (and succeeding) can prove a weighty endeavor for even the most seasoned sartorial veteran...

So before attempting this not-so-easy-footed roguishness on your own, we demand you ask yourself the five following questions:

11th Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - RunwayDoes your day job require both a high level of professionalism and a number of choreographed dance routines?

tumblr_mbjfmw2hv_T1rn1umao1_500Are you an integral member of a semiformal track team?

SelenaGomezVisitLateNightAre you generally on-camera only from the waist up, and so have no obligation to abide by traditional rules of sub-navel decorum?

1062Are you a fashion editor at—or writer for—certain men’s publications?

onedirectionHave you ever been or are you currently in a European boy band?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you may proceed. With caution, of course.