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The Anti-Hoodie

  • Najib Benouar

We’re reluctant to even call this handsome hooded cardigan from Svensson a hoodie at all.

Sure, it’s got a hood—but that’s where the comparisons with the Zuckerberg-favored zip-ups end. For starters, this has got buttons instead of a zipper. And instead of the formless jersey cotton, this has been knit in Tuscany by master weavers and designed in Sweden by masters of staying warm (the Scandinavians have a proud history of coziness). We’ve been patiently waiting for Svensson’s knits to land stateside since discovering them last winter and were pleased to see a few have finally made it.

If ever there were a hooded sweater that might be appropriate to show up to a multibillion-dollar IPO investors meeting, this would be it.