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The 80-Proof Rhubarb Tea

Rhubarb liquor

When we heard word of a Rhubarb liquor, we were understandably curious. So we got our hands on a bottle of the stuff, and after an unusually bracing evening with the stuff, we’re ready to offer our considered verdict…

It comes from Philadelphia’s Art in the Age, the same people who brought you the root beer liquor a few years back. But they know their stuff, right down the the faux-apothecary packaging.

The new concoction is based on rhubarb tea—specifically Ben Franklin’s recipe, which included beets, carrots and pink peppercorn, among other things—so off the bat, it’s the most veggie cocktails you’re ever likely to taste. It’s also sweet without being fruity, like a milder version of spiced rum, so it plays pretty well with anything from club soda to tomato juice. And if you want to recreate the pie, all you have to is drop in a few muddled strawberries.

We assume there are vitamins in there somewhere.