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The 78 Greatest Turtlenecks of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


It’s safe to say that the turtleneck is experiencing a renaissance.

Now, we won’t take all the credit for it, but we did tell the world to to stop fearing the turtleneck way back when.

And we think it worked. Just take a look at the photos coming in from Florence, Milan or Paris this month, and you’re bound to see a marked rise in turtlenecks—on and off the runways.

So, in our grand tradition of exhaustive garment journalism, we’ve compiled a list of every single greatest moment in turtlenecking ever... That’s right, all 78 of them...

0117turtlenecks1 1. Ernest Hemingway’s Papa-neck sweater.

0117turtlenecks22. Elvis Presley’s turtleneck fit for a king.

0117turtlenecks3 3-6. The Beatles’ quad-fecta of turtlenecks.

0117turtlenecks4 7. James Dean’s brooding turtleneck.

0117turtlenecks5 8. The Gorton’s Fisherman’s seafaring sweater.

0117turtlenecks6 9. Velma’s sleuthing turtleneck.

0117turtlenecks7 10-13. Justin Timberlake et al. (minus Joey Fatone).

0117turtlenecks8 14. Archer’s tactical-neck.

0117turtlenecks9 15. Britney Spears’s pleather-neck.

0117turtlenecks10 16. Steve McQueen’s turtleneck in Bullitt.

0117turtlenecks11 17. Ron Burgundy’s turtleneck of choice.

0117turtlenecks12 18. Johnny Carson’s red lounger.

0117turtlenecks13 19. The neck George Clooney turtled into.

0117turtlenecks14 20. And Derek Zoolander did the same.

0117turtlenecks15 21-25. Is this the sexiest amount of turtlenecking all in one place, ever?

0117turtlenecks16 26. Or is this? Don Draper might have the edge here.

0117turtlenecks17 27. Errol Flynn mastered wearing the nonchalant-neck.

0117turtlenecks18 28. A master class on the Euro-neck, courtesy of Mr. Fassbender.

0117turtlenecks19 29. Mike Meyers may have invented it.

0117turtlenecks20 30. Pierce Brosnan has a license to turtleneck.

0117turtlenecks21 31. So does Sean Connery.

0117turtlenecks22 32. Audrey Hepburn’s elegant turtleneck.

0117turtlenecks23 33. Mick Jagger has always had turtlenecks like Jagger.

0117turtlenecks24 34. Johnny Depp + turtleneck + puppy = adorable.

0117turtlenecks25 35. Randy Quaid’s turtleneck dickey in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

0117turtlenecks26 36. Michael Caine’s in The Italian Job.

0117turtlenecks27 37. Mort’s red number in Bazooka Joe.

0117turtlenecks28 38. Bill Murray goes full turtleneck in Scrooged.

0117turtlenecks29 39. Robert Redford. Enough said.

0117turtlenecks30 40. Who’s the man that would risk his (turtle) neck for his brother man? Shaft.

0117turtlenecks31 41. Rick Astley is never going to give his turtleneck up.

0117turtlenecks32 42. Rudy was always the best dressed in Fat Albert’s gang.

0117turtlenecks33 43. Samuel Beckett and his literary turtleneck.

0117turtlenecks34 44. Hamilton Swan’s persnickety turtleneck in Best in Show.

0117turtlenecks35 45-6. Spock and Kirk’s turtlenecks were out of this world.

0117turtlenecks36 47. This is the Steve Jobs of turtlenecks.

0117turtlenecks37 48. Tiffany redefined the turtleneck in the ’80s.

0117turtlenecks38 49. Then the log lady from Twin Peaks did in the ’90s.

0117turtlenecks39 50-71. Every turtleneck in Love Actually (yes, someone counted, and there are 22, all of which can be found here).

0117turtlenecks40 72. Charles Bronson’s badass turtleneck.

0117turtlenecks41 73. Jack Nicholson’s turtleneck just wanted an egg salad sandwich in Five Easy Pieces.

0117turtlenecks42 74-75. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton’s BFF friendship turtlenecks.

0117turtlenecks43 76-77. Simon and Garfunkel’s soulful turtlenecks.

78. And finally, the turtleneck from this Irish Spring commercial.