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The 70 Greatest Sweaters of All Time

  • Najib Benouar

For centuries, mankind has relied on sweaters for winter layering and autumn-night warmth. But beyond that, they’ve been something of an afterthought. Until today.

Because today we’re celebrating the venerable garment in all of its forms by counting down the 70 greatest moments in sweaterdom—from lumpy cardigans to clingy cashmere hugging the shapely, we’ve found them all. And we’ve assembled them in full splendor.

Without further ado, the 70 greatest sweaters in the world.

1. Ugly Christmas sweaters

2. Mr. Rogers’s red cardigan

3. Mark Zuckerberg’s IPO hoodie

4. Charlie Brown’s yellow zigzag sweater (and its high-fashion variants)

5. Hand-knit-by-a-relative sweaters

6. Velma Dinkley’s big orange turtleneck

7. John Belushi’s “College” sweater

8. Aran sweaters

9. Bill Cosby’s sweaters

10. Ferris Bueller’s "vestigan"

11. Ned Flanders’s sweater

12. Freddy Krueger’s notorious striped sweater

13. The Dude’s sweater from The Big Lebowski

14. Any knitwear worn by James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, namesake of the cardigan

15. Jackie Onassis’s short-sleeved turtleneck sweater

16. Steve McQueen’s sweater in Bullitt

17. This Breakfast Club sweater

18. Ally Sheedy’s actual sweater in The Breakfast Club

19. Archer’s “tacticalneck” sweater

20. The thick-ribbed sweaters worn by British commandos

21. Cary Grant’s sweater in To Catch a Thief

22. The white tennis sweater

23. Daniel Craig’s sweater in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

24. “Sweater Girl” sweaters

25. Steve McQueen’s L.L.Bean Fisherman sweater

26. The Brooks Brothers cashmere V-neck that everyone’s grandfather has

27. Kurt Cobain’s sweater on MTV Unplugged

28. Paul McCartney’s Fair Isle sweater-vest in Magical Mystery Tour

29. The titular sweater from Weezer’s “Undone – The Sweater Song”

30. Hemingway’s giant roll-neck sweater

31. Will Ferrell’s sweater in “The Lovers” sketch on SNL

32. Daniel Day-Lewis' shawl-collar cardigan in There Will Be Blood

33. Vampire Weekend’s sweater on the cover of SPIN

34. The sweater from The Three Amigos

35. Picasso’s Saint James striped sweater

36. JFK’s sailing crewneck sweater

37. Doug Funnie’s green sweater-vest

38. Chandler Bing’s loose black sweater-vest

39. Morrissey’s cardigan

40. Dick Van Dyke’s entire line of sweaters

41. The man’s sweater in the Irish Spring commercials

42. Your sweater that your girlfriend looks cute wearing

43. Carlton Banks’s over-the-shoulders sweater

44. Anyone in the ’80s’ knotted-over-the-shoulders sweater

45. The Happy Days letterman sweater

46. Liv Tyler’s sweater in Empire Records

47. Elvis’s cable-knit sweater in Jailhouse Rock

48. The sweater that is a hairy actor’s chest hair

49. Alicia Silverstone’s sweater-vest in Clueless

50. Waldo’s sweater

51. Any sweater Christina Hendricks wears on Mad Men

52. Marilyn Monroe’s sweaters

53. Faye Dunaway’s sweater in Bonnie and Clyde

54. These Apple sweaters

55. Michael Schoeffling’s Sixteen Candles sweater

56. This sweater Madonna’s wearing

57. The J.Press Shaggy Dog sweater

58. The What About Bob? sweater

59. Sharon Stone’s sweater-dress

60. Cousin Eddie’s sweater in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

61. Will Ferrell’s Mugatu sweater

62. Jennifer Beals’s Flashdance sweater

63. All of Bea Arthur’s Golden Girls sweaters

64. Kramer’s “Feeling Good All the Time” sweater

65. Nick Hoult’s A Single Man sweater

66. Dirty Harry’s red sweater-vest

67. Steve Urkel’s argyle sweater

68. Harry Potter’s “H” sweater

69. Jeff Spicoli’s Fast Times Baja sweater

70. Notorious B.I.G.’s Coogi sweater