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The 55 Greatest Tuxedos of All Time

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

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1860: Edward VII Prince of Wales commissions Henry Poole to design a short dinner jacket for estate shenanigans.

1886: American gentleman James Potter finds himself weekending at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and is promptly directed to Mr. Poole’s services so he can look the part.

October 10, 1886 (circa 8pm): Potter debuts said dinner jacket stateside at the Tuxedo Park Club Ball, in Tuxedo, NY. (Get it? Tuxedo, NY.)

October 10, 1886 (circa 8:15pm): Club members swoon, rejoice, faint in the presence of true dapperness. The tuxedo is born.

October 10, 2013: Kempt honors a legend, amassing the 55 greatest moments in tuxedodom:

1.-6.Bond, James Bond’s tux, all of ’em. 1010tuxes1 1010tuxes2 1010tuxes3 1010tuxes4 1010tuxes5 1010tuxes6

7. Marlene Dietrich’s wing-collar. 1010tuxes7

8. Kate Moss’s sexified iteration for Vanity Fair. 1010tuxes8

9. Johnny Carson’s spotlight number. 1010tuxes9

10. Daniel Day-Lewis’s midnight blue shawl-collar at the 2013 Oscars. 1010tuxes10

11. Bogart’s Casablanca dinner jacket. 1010tuxes11

12.-13. Gatsby’s tux, old and new. 1010tuxes12 1010tuxes13

14. Don Draper, 67% of the time. 1010tuxes14

15. The second-greatest cartoon tux, Mr. Archer. ARCHER: Archer, a new half-hour animated comedy series airing on FX. Sterling Archer (L). CR: FX

16. The greatest cartoon tux, Mr. Monopoly. 1010tuxes16

17.-19.These. Cannes Film Festival - Ocean's Thirteen Red Carpet Arrivals

20.-22.Wait, no—these. 1010tuxes20-22

23. Penguins. 1010tuxes23

24. The Penguin. 1010tuxes24

25. This time John Wayne got out of the saddle. 1010tuxes25

26. Jackie Chan’s high-tech formalwear in The Tuxedo. 1010tuxes26

27. Canadian tuxedos. 1010tuxes27

28. Pavarotti’s tails. 1010tuxes28

29. Ryan Gosling’s maroon jacket. 1010tuxes29

30.-31. The undercover tuxes of 21 Jump Street. 1010tuxes30-31

32. Tuxedos that are also wetsuits. 1010tuxes32

33. Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking.” 1010tuxes33

34. Steve Martin’s in Father of the Bride. 1010tuxes34

35. Roddy McDowall on The Carol Burnett Show, à la Planet of the Apes. 1010tuxes35

36. Patrick Swayze as Ronald Reagan in Point Break. 1010tuxes36

37. Lady Gaga’s skeletal bit in her video for “Born This Way.” 1010tuxes37

38.-40. These three Inglourious Basterds. 1010tuxes38-40

41. Kevin Bacon’s signature red prom jacket in Footloose. 1010tuxes41

42. Ben Stiller’s less signature, albeit memorable, prom jacket in There’s Something About Mary. 1010tuxes42

43. Justin Timberlake’s eponymous “Suit and Tie.” 1010tuxes43

44. Ewan McGregor’s seductive tux in Down with Love. 1010tuxes44

45. The Jeffersons’ Sherman Hemsley’s attempt at plaid. 1010tuxes45

46.-47. Dumb and Dumber’s neon numbers. 1010tuxes46-47

48. The tuxedo T-shirt, as demonstrated by Art Garfunkel, in good company at the Grammys. 1010tuxes48

49. Costanza’s shrunken tux. 1010tuxes49

50. The white dinner jacket sported by Burt Reynolds in At Long Last Love. 1010tuxes50

51. Jennifer Beals’s sideboob-bearing execution in Flashdance. 1010tuxes51

52. Jean Dujardin’s silent tux in The Artist. 1010tuxes52

53. Psy. 1010tuxes53

54. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, in immaculate white tie. DRACULA

55. Mr. Fred Astaire, obviously. 1010tuxes55

—C.G., S.P.