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The 5 Autumnal Things to Do by Week’s End

Now that you’ve changed your clocks, it’s high time you completed the rest of your autumnal to-dos—especially if you wasted that extra hour on Homeland reruns or marveling at your newly regained electricity by flipping the lights on and off. And this week is your last chance to get focused. Luckily, we’ve put together a short checklist that should have you prepared for success during the rest of the season. You might want to print this out:

The 5 Things You Need to Do This Week if You Haven’t Already: The Fall Edition...

1. Re-wax your raincoats and leather. (A handy Kempt guide, here).

2. Autumn-ize your closet. All articles of clothing that don’t extend past your knees or elbows get packed away (save for underwear, of course). Fish out your scarves. Dry-clean all wools with abandon.

3. Make your plane, train or automobile reservations. Now. (Thanksgiving is only three weeks away. It’s not getting cheaper.)

4. Place your hand atop a piece of orange or brown construction paper. Trace around your fingers and palm—preferably with a marker. Draw a beak onto the thumb. It’s a turkey. Post it on the fridge. (Feel free to continue the holiday decoration as space provides.)

5. Pick up a good bottle of hard cider.