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The 15 Best Watches for Spring


You’ll be saving some daylight this Sunday, tax returns are starting to trickle in, but really your wrist has been feeling a little exposed lately. Point is: you’ve probably got a good enough excuse to pick yourself up a new timekeeper.

So, we did what we do and put together a list of the best new watches of spring for your procuring pleasure...

0306KMT_Watches_1Martenero Model II: Founder

0306KMT_Watches_2Ralph Lauren RL 67 Safari 39mm

0306KMT_Watches_3Jack Spade Conway 38mm

0306KMT_Watches_4Pebble Steel

0306KMT_Watches_5IWC Aquatimer Chronograph

0306KMT_Watches_6Stock S002G

0306KMT_Watches_7Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic

0306KMT_Watches_8MMT Calendar via UrbanDaddy Perks

0306KMT_Watches_9Miansai M2

0306KMT_Watches_10Tender Station Hands On

0306KMT_Watches_11Shinola Runwell 41mm

0306KMT_Watches_12Swatch Skybond

0306KMT_Watches_13Uniform Wares 351 Series Edition

0306KMT_Watches_14Timex for J.Crew Andros

0306KMT_Watches_15Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand


  • Caitlin Ganswindt