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The 12 Most Stylish Movies of Christmas

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve got a hunch that you’re going to find yourself in front of the television sometime in the next few days, probably watching a holiday movie. And, all things being equal, you’d prefer to watch the most stylish film available.

So we took the liberty of surveying your options, and distilling them down to the season’s magical number of 12. Not all of them are distinctly Christmas movies at the outset (take Edward Scissorhands or Trading Places), but they’ve all got a lot to do with the holiday spirit and lessons of kindheartedness—and, most importantly, there's a lot of holiday-appropriate stylishness on display. If you’re feeling exceptionally ambitious, you should have enough time to run through all 12 movies if you get started... now.

For your yuletide viewing pleasure, the 12 most stylish movies of Christmas.

12. The Family Man 11. The Bishop’s Wife 10. Meet Me in St. Louis 9. Scrooged 8. Christmas in Connecticut 7. Edward Scissorhands 6. The Muppet Christmas Carol 5. A Christmas Story 4. Metropolitan 3. Die Hard 2. It’s a Wonderful Life 1. Trading Places