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The 10 Most Stylish Soccer Players of All Time

  • Najib Benouar

061114_Soccer-6Sure, there’s been a recent rise in the stylishness of homegrown athletes in basketball, football and even hockey, but every four years we’re reminded of the original stylish athlete: the soccer player.

Because it’s impossible not to pick up a few style cues while globetrotting between international clubs, hobnobbing with rock stars and carousing with models. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to look good in a suit when you’re not an outsized linebacker or spindly power forward. In other words, it’s made for some pretty dapper gents over the years.

Here are the 10 most stylish soccer players of all time...

061114_Soccer-1Paul Breitner

061114_Soccer-2Pep Guardiola

061114_Soccer-3Thierry Henry

061114_Soccer-4Luís Figo

Chelsea's manager Mourinho consoles Lampard after loss to Liverpool during FA Cup semi-final soccer match at Old Trafford in ManchesterJosé Mourinho


061114_Soccer-7George Best

061114KMT_Soccer-9David Beckham

06114_Soccer-8Johan Cruyff

061114_Soccer-10Hidetoshi Nakata