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The 10 Most Stylish NFL Players of All Time

Red Grange Wearing Raccoon Skin Coat Today marks the official start of the NFL season and New York Fashion Week.

So we’re connecting the dots by taking a look back--all the way back, to the 1920s--at the most stylish NFL players of all time. (And yes, we’re grading on a steep curve here.) So, without further ado:

Here are the 10 most stylish NFL players throughout history...

Red-grangeRed Grange (Chicago Bears, 1925-1934)

$(KGrHqNHJBkE63VtjCZJBO5oq0np4g~~60_35Sid Gillman (Cleveland Rams, 1936)

schramm-landry-1959-apjpg-29ea4ee0ef729395Tom Landry (New York Giants, 1949-1955)

RAQUEL N JIMJim Brown (Cleveland Browns, 1957-65)

Fur-Coat-3Joe Namath (New York Jets, 1965-76)

6a00e39820c91c8833014e8aab19f8970d-piDan Marino (Miami Dolphins, 1983-99)

deion-sandersDeion Sanders (multiple teams, 1989-2005)

met-gala-2012-crawford-cocktails-5-056_001837807707.jpg_carousel_partiesTom Brady (New England Patriots, 2000-present)

173774082Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings, 2007-present)

01010201000032302_1Victor Cruz (New York Giants, 2010-present)


  • Najib Benouar