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The 10 Commandments of Men’s Jewelry

  • Kempt Staff


Men’s jewelry has always been a topic of hot debate (but we can all agree that no one should ever call it “mewelry”).

And the menswear crowd has been slowly inching onto a slippery slope for some time now—a precarious amount of bracelets stacked upon watches and bright necklaces of African beads have become de rigueur on the edgier fringes. So, in the event you’re considering adorning yourself with a few well-placed trinkets or baubles, we’ve put together this list of steadfast rules to live by:

Behold, the 10 Commandments of Men’s Jewelry...

1. Thy Timepiece Is Acceptable Always. Just getting this one out of the way early.

2. So Is Thy Wedding Band. Granted you’re actually married, of course.

3. But Beware the Pinkie Ring. The pinkie ring is one of the more enigmatic pieces of men’s jewelry—as a signet ring, it’s been worn by royals and aristocrats for centuries. And mobsters... although those are usually encrusted in semiprecious gems. The takeaway: wear one only if you have good reason to.

4. Bracelet in Moderation. When it comes to bracelets, as with any flourish, the more discreet, the better. Opt for something thin and uncumbersome. And no more than a couple stacked over your watch, if you must.

5. Sameth for Thy Necklace. Ditto on the above, regarding necklaces—keep it minimal and simple. Consider the limit set at one strand of African beads.

6. Unless Thy Name Is 2 Chainz. Okay, we’ll raise the limit to two necklaces on just this one occasion, Tauheed.

7. Considereth the Tie Pin, Clip or Bar. It’s the least “jewelry-iest” of things you can wear that still adds a nice glint of silver or brass to your getup.

8. You Musn’t Always Match Thy Metals. Like anything else in your wardrobe, your precious metals should be pretty interchangeable (the way your gun-check jacket looks good with gray flannel or dark denim).

9. Bear Thy Cross. Religious regalia is always fair game—in good taste. (Sorry, Barry Bonds, that does not include the dangly earring.)

10. Speaketh of Earrings... No. Just no.