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The 10 Best Looks from the SS ’14 Books

  • Kempt Staff


It’s time to focus, gentlemen. Sure, there’s still snow on the ground, fall gear is being sent down the runways, and a pesky groundhog would like you to think otherwise, but: spring is right around the corner.

And believe it or not, the spring menswear is already trickling into shops. Which might be hard to wrap your head around at the moment, so to get you in the right frame of mind, we’ve put together a lookbook of lookbook shots ripped from the pages of our favorite S/S 2014 campaigns, to inspire—and remind—you how to dress for the warmer months to come.

Consider this your ray of sunshine breaking through the bleak horizon:

020514_Lookbook_1Boglioli S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_2Ovadia & Sons S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_3Stutterheim S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_4Kapital S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_5Folk S/S 2014

020514_Lookbooks_6Timo Weiland S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_77Saturdays S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_845rpm S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_9Needles by Nepenthes S/S 2014

020514_Lookbook_10Bellerose S/S 2014