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Testino on the Line, Canceled Flights, and Voting Labor


Area of Her Expertise: From what we gather, Marissa Miller is famous for putting on swimsuits and nothing else. Who are we to take that away from her? [Egotastic]

Blue Collar: Again, our pal at ACL delves into construction worker chic and comes up with some surprising finds. [A Continuous Lean]

Molto Mario: Mr. Testino has a lot to say and ain't no one stopping him from sayin' it. [NYMag]

Not So Friendly Skies: You have a simple choice—either fly in one of these turkeys or stand in front of a speeding Mac truck. Same diff. [Wired]

Blue-Chip Stocks: The business section of the Times looks into a hands-on denim company. [NYTimes]

What a Catch: Oh Slut Machine, with your looks, wit, charm, approachability, solipsism, egomania, obsessive oversharing, vapid generalizations, and inability to judge each person on their individual merits, it's a shock you haven't found the one yet. [Jezebel]

Overnight Bag: Tips on building the perfect dopp kit. [Art of Manliness]