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Test-Driving Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb

Our latest smell test comes from Viktor & Rolf, who shifted their popular women’s scent Flowerbomb into a men’s spinoff, dubbed Spicebomb.

The result is full of rich, sweet florals—but in the interest of describing it without perfume lingo, we thought we’d ask a few of our ruthlessly articulate lady friends what they thought of the scent. What follows is an unedited transcript. This could get ugly...

Here’s what our panel had to say:

I feel like I’m in a store with lots of pine trees and a train going around.

Sweet and spicy. The General Tso’s of cologne.

Smells like a wealthy European man who doesn’t care what people think.

There’s a hint of Christmas here. I wouldn’t wear it until it gets colder.

Fall potpourri? With some wood? Too sweet, though.

Best cologne I’ve ever smelled.

Are you sure this is for guys?

Candied orchids. Is that a thing?

It’s like a Starbucks pumpkin latte.

If that sounds like your scent, you can pick it up here.