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Test-Driving “Spent Musket Oil” from Brooklyn Dry Goods

Our latest smell test comes from Brooklyn Dry Goods, inspired by the musk of an antique rifle found in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As you might expect, it’s an offbeat scent, full of tobacco, pepper and unplaceable industrial notes.

But enough of the perfume lingo: it’s time to find out what the pitiless men and ladies (mostly ladies) of the office think. Here are their unvarnished appraisals.

We’d like to apologize in advance...

Erasers and Carmex.

This is what pirate ships must have smelled like.

Smells like my elementary school nurse’s office.

It smells like going to the mall with Mom, circa 1988.

DEET and vanilla. Vanilla DEET?

Now that it’s been on my wrist awhile, it’s mellowing into an “industrial sawdust” vibe.

You know when you’re little and you don’t know that you’re not supposed to sniff markers?

Vicks’ VapoRub, applied in the forest.

Licorice, Listerine and men with beards.

If that sounds like your kind of scent, you can pick it up here.