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Test-Driving Odin No. 7

This past month, New York’s Odin unveiled their seventh fragrance, a unisex scent cooked up by Parisian parfumier Corrine Cachen—and somehow, we managed to get our hands on a bottle of the stuff.

It’s in the woody, musky style of cologne, full of crisp top notes and warm undertones... or at least that’s what the press release says. To get to the real, messy truth, we rounded up some of the ruthlessly articulate ladies around the office for an unbiased appraisal of the scent.

The following opinions are not necessarily our own—although we see where they’re coming from.

Here’s what the people had to say:

Like having sex in a custom-made closet.

Cedar and squirrel.

It reminds me of my childhood years on shores of Lake Piatt.

Smells like a Monet; better from a distance.

A night on the town in Camden, Maine.

A cross between the Billy Reid store and my grandma’s house.

If you’re a lumberjack-yachtsman, this is your smell.

Like cedar incense. And Michigan.

This is what I imagine Michael Fassbender’s armpit smells like.

If you want to pick up a bottle—possibly as a gift for your lumberjack-yachtsman friends—it’s at Odin New York and Barneys.