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Talking Shop: The Pop Up Flea Goes to London

1010KMT_PUFLD_Hed This weekend, the Pop Up Flea takes its carnival of handsomeness across the pond: from October 11 to 13, you’ll find them at 211/214 Piccadilly W1 in London, England.

Below, a selection of highlights chosen by Randy Goldberg, one of the two guys (along with A Continuous Lean’s Michael Williams) putting on the whole shebang. “We’ve thought about this for a while,” Goldberg says. “And it makes sense to us as London is the city, in our minds, that has the most mindshare with New York in terms of style and sensibility. For the space, we chose a location right off Jermyn Street on Piccadilly in St. James’s, in partnership with the Crown Estate. It’s a historic menswear neighborhood (no hashtag) and we’re excited to be there, even if most people would have assumed we’d do the first PUFLDN in East. Gotta keep ’em guessing...”

1010KMT_PUFLD_1 Todd Snyder + Champion Ivory Reverse Weave Sweatshirt RG: This sweatshirt is a prime example of something simple done well. Todd Snyder has applied his design chops and taste level to a classic sportswear brand in Champion. The whole collection is great, but this sweatshirt really stands out.

1010KMT_PUFLD_2 Levi’s Made & Crafted Black Over-Dyed Tack Jeans RG: Levi’s Made & Crafted is one of the iconic brand’s higher-end makes, and these jeans are about as good as they get. Great fit, not too heavy and jet black.

1010KMT_PUFLD_3 Bellerose Lamy Faux Fur Lined Parka from Anthem RG: Bellerose is a Belgian brand that we don’t see around too often, but Simon from Anthem has managed to get his hands on some, including a few sport coats and this parka. It’s almost parka season...

1010KMT_PUFLD_4 The Runwell Watch by Shinola RG: We’ve been following Shinola’s launch pretty closely and we’re excited to say that PUFLDN is the first time anyone will be able to buy Shinola in Europe. They’re bringing some watches and a few other surprises. Made in Motor City.

1010KMT_PUFLD_5 Aether Fleece Pullover RG: Aether was one of our first vendors in the original 2009 Pop Up Flea, and they’ve been a big part of it every year. The line has evolved since 2009, but the philosophy hasn’t. Which means you get a fleece pullover that looks like this. Pretty perfect.

1010KMT_PUFLD_6 London Undercover Orange Paisley Umbrella RG: At some point you need to up your umbrella game. And this is where you start. Jamie uses patterns ranging from classic to crazy, and they’re well made from tip to handle. Treat yourself to a good umbrella.

1010KMT_PUFLD_7 Red Wing Heritage Genuine Handsewn 9158 Mocs RG: Red Wing is a known quantity at this point: quality boots that last forever and look the part. But these hand sewn mocs have a softer feel and are made exclusively in Maine.

Pop Up Flea London, October 11 to 13, 211/214 Piccadilly W1, London, UK