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Talking Shop: Carson Street Clothiers on Everything You Need to Wear This Fall

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


We paid a visit to our friends over at Carson Street to get their take on how to own this fall’s style trends. Here’s what they told us:


Carson Street Clothiers Brown Gun Check Blazer Matt Breen: This is a personal favorite of everyone at the shop. It’s Italian tailored and extremely versatile, can be dressed up and worn to work, or dressed down. I mean, obviously I’m proud of the brand we’ve created, it’s just an easy piece with a good price point that a guy can wear seven days a week.


Man 1924 Penfield Parka MB: For outerwear, this is super interesting. From Man 1924, which is a Spanish brand designed by Carlos Castillo. It harkens to an army type of parka. We have it styled with a shirt, tie and blazer, but it can also be worn with what I have on [a henley and jeans]. We think it’s an awesome piece and we’re one of the only shops in the US to carry the brand. Just super easy, super casual, but if you dress it up, it still has a pretty killer look.


Carson Street Clothiers x Drake’s Raw Silk Ties MB: This year for fall we decided to go with all Carson Street ties; we have two varieties. The first are made in Italy and the others are made in England at the Drake’s factory. These raw silk rugby ties are by far and away the three shop favorites. You know, it’s a rugby tie, which most guys understand, but presented in a fabric that just gives it more distinction. The texture kind of speaks for itself.


Drake’s Elephant Print Silk Pocket Square MB: We also have Drake’s pocket squares. Brian’s favorite, my business partner, is this one, and it’s pretty awesome. Super-interesting design, and you know it really works when you put it in a blazer. It lets a guy express himself in a way that’s unsuspected. It’s pretty intense.


Drake’s Navy Dot Scarf (Top) Lovat & Green Printed Scarf (Bottom) MB: As a counterpart to our ties, we decided to go with two different types of scarves, the business appropriate and then the flair piece. The one on the bottom is a statement in and of itself, from Spain, by Lovat & Green, who are actually owned by the same brand as Man 1924. It’s one big family in there. Up top are Drake’s; these are for the businessman going to work in the charcoal suit. This is what he’s going to as his staple piece. It’s casual and at the same time it’s extremely elegant.


Patrik Ervell Cardigan MB: Our staple go-to for knitwear already this season has been this black cardigan from Patrik Ervell. It’s a knitted alpaca so it has a super-light weave and has really resonated with our clientele, especially the black. It’s super easy to get people into and just so soft.


Michael Bastian Belted Cashmere Cardigan MB: I realize it’s not very practical, but for the guy who really gets it and wants to make a statement, this Bastian sweater is a pretty awesome piece. I walk in here every day and see what I need, and I have all that. And then this piece sits there, and every day I stare at it, and every day I’m like, “God, I really want it,” but I still haven’t walked away with it yet. I might at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet.


Carson Street Clothiers Vintage Popover MB: A new shirt for us this year is the Oxford Popover. It’s intended to kind of replace the basic oxford in a little bit more of a fun manner. You’ll see the placket goes down a lot longer than most other popovers we’ve seen, so it can be worn in the office with a shirt and tie, or casually either tucked in or untucked. It’s been really well received.


Baldwin Denim Henley Fit Duck Canvas MB: As far as trousers are concerned, we have a pretty wide array. The Baldwin Army Denim is a great casual pant for fall/winter, and army is one of the staple colors for the season. I have a pair; a couple of the other guys in the shop have a pair. They’ve really appealed to a wide age demographic. Matt and his team are just killing it; they just have a casual elegance about them that’s pretty awesome.


Carson Street Clothiers Wool Tweed Trouser MB: These were definitely a favorite when we put fall together. We like to give guys pieces that they can wear with anything. The tobacco color is a go-anywhere-with-anything base, and the fabric is incredible. We love them paired with a great striped dress shirt, a monk strap shoe and gun-check blazer.


Ovadia & Sons Cutaway Single Monkstrap MB: For formal footwear, one of our favorites for this season is the Ovadia single monk strap. This is a sexy shoe. We also offer it in the snuff suede, just very, very elegant. What they do fits in perfectly with our aesthetic and what we’re trying to convey.


Buttero Canvas/Leather Sneaker MB: As far as casual footwear is concerned, I think the leather Butteros are kind of awesome. Again, very elegant, very casual, but also can be dressed up. They’ve been extremely popular. We’ve had as many 60-year-olds as 18-year-olds buy them, which just speaks to the versatility that they offer a guy.

Carson Street Clothiers, 63 Crosby St, New York, NY