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It looks like Pittsburgh’s finest loop digger is back again.

After making a smash two summers back with his first album *Night Ripper*, Girl Talk has released another semi-legal collection of pasted-together hooks and old school beats. And for this one, titled *Feed the Animals*, he’s decided to pull a Radiohead, making it available online for whatever his fans want to pay.

This album is a little less ear-candyish than Night Ripper, with the hooks lasting longer and some rap samples sticking around long enough to finish a verse. (We’re looking at you, Raekwon.) Our personal favorites are the Jackson 5/Queen mashup and the blue-eyed chipmunk soul rendition of The Band’s “The Weight,” but there’s plenty more gems, all skimmed from the past 40 years of pop detritus.

It’s just a question of how much it’s worth to you.