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Take Twelve


A Continuous Lean clued us in to this early instance of Sartorialist-style fashion photography. Photographer T. Hayashida took a tour of the Ivy League circa 1968, snapping pictures for posterity. Given that preppy style of that era is a touchstone for everyone from J. Crew to Shipley & Halmos, there’s more than a few pointers to pick up if you’re watching closely.


Much like the J. Press catalog, things aren’t quite the way J. Crew would have you believe. For one, there’s a lot more ponchos and navy caps than you might think, but if you’re looking for madras and blaring plaids, you won’t be disappointed. And uncollared shirts are few and far between.

The book is especially interesting given that the photographer and publisher are Japanese, bridging a cultural divide that was incalculably larger in the 60s than now. The outsider perspective gives the photographs a detatched, anthropological feel, which is more than appropriate. After all, it’s a world most only see from the outside.


Unfortunately, Take Ivy is currently in print limbo, so you’ll have to rely on Alibris, along with your friends on the internet. More pics are at A Continuous Lean.