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Take a Swing


Golf hasn’t produced much in the way of style innovations, but it may be catching up.

The first sign: this Saturday, a fledgling pro named Ricky Barnes caused a minor stir by doffing a white painter’s cap in place of the usual full brim. It wasn’t a huge shift, but in the stylistically shuttered world of golf, it was practically a paradigm shift. Of course, a few wags in the crowd took offense—presumably they’ve only ever seen one on the help—but we applaud it. If the up-and-comers aren’t willing to go out on a limb once in a while, golfers will be stuck in sheer polos forever.

The cap itself was a prototype from his sponsor, Wilson Staff, but they aren’t putting it on sale just yet. In the meantime, we might suggest doffing this more adventurous version...just wait until you’re safely on the course.