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Sympathy for the Devil

  • Jared Paul Stern


Italian photographer and documentary filmmaker Fabio Paleari is best known for capturing one of the last interviews with Allen Ginsberg before his death in 1997. We assume he saw a similar window of opportunity with his latest subject, smack rocker Pete Doherty, who by all accounts should be dropping dead any minute now.

Paleari had unparalleled access to the cross-addicted Babyshambles frontman for the past few years, and got a bird's eye view of his tumultuous relationship with Kate Moss (who has since moved on to The Kills' James Hince). The results are collected in his aptly-titled new book, *I Won't Give Up* (Damiani, $40). It's not *Tiger Beat* teen idol fan club stuff to be sure, but one somehow comes away with a more sympathetic feeling toward the doomed druggie, who has actually managed to write a few decent songs.

And after all, it's better to have loved and lost Kate Moss when by rights you should never have gotten anywhere near her in the first place.