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Survivor: Illinois Statehouse Edition

Rupert Boneham

That was quite a weekend.

But while you were celebrating the spring air, we were keeping tabs on the newly named Final Four, a missing $200 million and the first gubernatorial candidate to come out of a reality show. (It’s not Trump.) Here’s what you may have missed...

THE TORCH STILL BURNS: Survivor produced its first gubernatorial candidate, as Rupert Boneham clinched the Libertarian Party nomination for the Indiana governor’s race. He placed eighth in the 2003 season of the show but, more importantly, pulled down 85% of the nationwide popular vote during a special call-in episode of Survivor: All-Stars. If he can put up anything like those numbers in should be an interesting four years.

Kentucky vs. Baylor

THE FOUR ARE FINAL: It’s official. After two surprisingly tight Sunday games, the Final Four have been named: Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State and Kansas. By Monday, one of them will be the national champion—but in the meantime, we can keep busy worrying about Anthony Davis’s knee and one unusually exuberant Baylor fan. Keep on dancing.

Nelson Dellis

FORGET ME NOT: A 27-year-old man named Nelson Dellis won the 15th Annual Memory Championship by, among other challenges, recalling the order of a deck of cards in 87 seconds and memorizing 303 digits in five minutes. His technique involved visualizing a “memory journey through a house in the Bahamas.” Naturally, they have a few tips on remembering where you left your keys.

Also, news leaked that hedge fund manager and former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine may have played loose with $200 million of his clients’ money, and Senegal has a new president.

Time to make the week move.