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Summerizing Your Formalwear

  • Najib Benouar


Formalwear, by design, is usually pretty stuffy.

But with the warmer, more carefree summer party circuit on the horizon—weddings, society croquet galas, et cetera—you’ve got permission to lighten things up a bit. That means cotton instead of silk, linen instead of cotton and, for the love of all things holy above 90 degrees, not a stitch of velvet in sight. So we’ve rounded up a few lightweight substitutions for your tuxedo routine that will keep you just as dapper through the hotter months to come. No sweat.

Summerizing your formalwear in four easy steps...

BowtieThe Bow Tie: Instead of silk, lighten things up even more with a cotton bow tie—something like the latest from San Francisco’s Zelma Rose.

Tuxedo shirtThe Tuxedo Shirt: One word: linen. Luckily, the brothers Ovadia had the good sense to do an antique linen tuxedo shirt in their York Street collection for J.Press. (Of course they did.)

Tuxedo jacketThe Tuxedo Jacket: The one downside of linen: it has a tendency to wrinkle up much faster than your average material. So this Gant Rugger double-breasted jacket injects just enough wool into the linen blend to keep things a bit tidier, while still being infinitely lighter than the typical tuxedo jacket.

SlippersThe Tuxedo Slippers: Ditch the muggy velvet for an airier raffia woven tux slipper—like the ones Stubbs & Wootton make for summer. Your feet will thank you later.