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Summer, Fare Thee Well

White Bucks

We’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that you’re coming up on a three-day weekend. The bad news is, you’ve got four days left before you’re honor-bound to put your white bucks back on the high shelf. Along with a few other items…


We don’t believe in hard-and-fast rules—when in doubt, wear what you dig—but from here on out, your white jeans and seersucker shirts are going to get less wearable by the day. So you owe it to yourself to take a moment to separate out your uniquely summery items, say a heartfelt goodbye a la Toy Story 3 and then seal them into a box until March rolls around.

The main culprits are those bucks up top and anything made out of seersucker or linen, but that’s just the beginning. When you’re taking flannels and tweeds out of your closet a few weeks down the road, you’ll want to a long hard look at anything brightly colored—especially anything white. If it’s rugged enough that you can see yourself wearing it in December then keep it around, but otherwise mothball it and save yourself from unseasonal decisions down the road.

linen jacket

It sounds like a chore, we know, but once you get in the rhythm of it all, there’s something genuinely exciting about it. It’s a whole new wardrobe, stashed in a plastic bin under the bed just long enough for you to forget you owned it all. It’s the closest we urban-dwellers get to a yearly harvest.

And if nothing else, you’ll treasure your last few days of wearing white jeans.