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Suitcase in My Hand


You don’t often hear the “core values” and “Keith Richards” in the same sentence. But we’re always open to new ideas.

Fresh off their Gorbachev campaign, Louis Vuitton has decided to side with another crumbling icon for their “core values” campaign. Other than embodying a kind of boho shabby-chic, we doubt anyone would have chosen Richards as a style icon, but Vuitton sees him more as a lifestyle icon. This pic, photographed by the legendary Annie Liebowitz, captures what seems like a fairly typical moment in Keef’s existence: he is killing time in an anonymous luxury suite, with objects of luxury scattered carelessly around him. And, naturally, the closest object is his Louis Vuitton guitar case, which doubles as an impromptu tea tray.

It’s tempting to read this as another luxury/rock-and-roll tie-in, but LV seems to have more in mind than just that. They aren’t making guitar cases just yet, but they may want you to think of your case as just that, and throw it around in the same way Keith does. After all, luxury has rarely been about being careful.

(Keith reportedly responded to the pic by saying “it looks like a Rembrandt!” We imagine he means this one, which is appropriately shambling.)