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Suitably Impressed

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

As a counterpoint to the toothsome model duo we presented you with the other day, here's a well-tailored pair of gentlemen who provided a rare moment of sartorial splendor during a mostly humdrum Fashion Week.

On the left, former MOTH Zac Posen, the social butterfly fashion designer; on the right, a certain rich clown with an oversized ego and an identity crisis to match (what's is it this week? Puffy? Diddy? Poncey?) The two met up at Mr. Posen's runway show, where the designer sported an elegant ticket-pocketed tropical weight woolen number complete with boutonnière.

However, he demonstrated an unfortunate tendency to yank his jacket sleeves up, ruining the elegant lines of the suit. If the garment in question is hand-tailored—and it looks to us like a top-drawer Tom Ford—it should have working cuff buttons on the sleeves allowing them to be properly rolled up. Of course, one usually does this to practice field medicine or dress small birds during pheasant season, and not while hemming some Brazilian bitch's skirts backstage at Bryant Park, but the essential principle remains the same.

Commit it to memory, young Posen, and you may yet pocket another MOTH.