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’Sucker Punch

  • Najib Benouar

There’s nothing more indispensable during summer than a pair of swim trunks you can wear no matter what the weekend throws at you—swimming, drinking, eating, waiting 30 minutes, more swimming and so on.

And while there have been a few astonishingly chino-like contenders on the scene recently, we’re still partial to an old standby: the seersucker swimsuit. It’s got a lived-in summeriness that plays well with the carefree weekend vibe. (Think: Bill Murray, on his best behavior.) So we’ve scoured the shops for a handful of our favorites, from the European-leaning to the go-to-hell variety.

For your consideration: the four finest seersucker swimsuits under the sun.

The Traditionalist You won’t go wrong with this pair from J. Press for the trad-appropriate length and unassumingness.

The European-Leaning If you’ve got the gams to support a trimmer cut, you'll want to take a look at this pair from 2(x)ist. (Also: you’ll want to start your above-the-knee base tan, now.)

The Go-to-Hells For the most part, Lands’ End keeps it basic—except when they’re making seersucker swim trunks in alternating neon stripes.

The Boardshorts Clocking in at our longest, knee-grazing option, is the seersucker boardshort from J.Crew. You’ll want to make sure your drawstring isn’t showing once you’ve thrown on the polo and headed to the beach bar.